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When Losses are Wins: How Trust Can Prevent Imminent Financial Losses

The Radboud Center for Decision Science at Radboud University aims to conduct interdisciplinary research on human decision-making. As part of our commitment to advancing evidence-based policymaking and practice, the Center is excited to invite you to our seminar series for behavioural scientists working in applied areas.

Our upcoming session features Sascha Füllbrunn, who will discuss his recently published paper on how individuals may be more willing to trust in a situation where financial losses are imminent. Moreover, he will share his views on how avoiding financial losses may serve as an incentive to trust, and how policymakers can consider this when designing policies (see article attached). The online seminar will begin with a briefly summary of the work and then together with the attendees we explore how we can consider these tendencies in policymaking, and our interactions with citizens.

The seminar allows an opportunity for behavioural scientists working in policy to be exposed to cutting-edge research and methods in a low-threshold manner, to discuss how empirical insights can be implemented, and to help academic researchers translate decision science research to best practice applications.

Date: 10th May (Wednesday)

Time: 16:00 - 17:00hrs

Speaker: Dr. Sascha Füllbrunn (Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University)

Article for discussion: The paper for discussion can be downloaded here (



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