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Split Decision 
The Decision Science Podcast 

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Welcome to Split Decision: The Decision Science Podcast, proudly brought to you by the Radboud Center for Decision Science at Radboud University! Our mission is to promote the interdisciplinary study of human decision-making and apply emerging insights to address society's most pressing challenges.


In our engaging and accessible episodes, we invite distinguished guests working at the forefront of decision science to explore the intricacies of decision-making from various academic and practical disciplines, encompassing philosophical, economic, mathematical, psychological, neuroscientific, medical (and other) perspectives. Split Decision is designed for a diverse audience, from inquisitive members of the public to diverse professionals as well as policy experts from independent and government agencies. Through captivating conversations with leading experts, we'll deepen your understanding of the science of choice and empower you to make better decisions in a complex world.

Latest Releases 

Season 1 Episode 1
Prof. Alan Sanfey | The Power of Decision Science 

Alan Sanfey.jpg

Get ready for an enlightening journey as we unveil the captivating world of decision science in our debut episode. Join co-host Sarah Vahed as she welcomes Prof. Alan Sanfey, Center Director of the Radboud Center for Decision Science and distinguished expert in decision neuroscience. 

Season 1 Episode 2
Prof. David Yokum | Bridging Science and Public Policy 


In this insightful episode, we delve into the captivating work and expertise of Dr. David YokumDirector of The Policy Lab at Brown University. Join us as we delve into the profound implications of his research and gain invaluable insights for both policymakers and researchers on how to navigate the intricate landscape where science and policy meet.

What's next?

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Bas Bloem.png

Decision Science and

Parkinson's Disease

Prof. Bas Bloem 
Professor of Movement Disorders,

Coming Soon (August 2023)

Using Behavioural Science to Tackle Challenges in the 

Global South 

Ammaarah Martinus
Senior Policy Officer

Coming Soon (Oct 2023)
Roshan Cools.jpeg

The (Neuro)Science behind Cognitive Control and Motivation

Prof. Roshan Cools, 
Professor of Neuroscience,
Donders Institute

Coming Soon (Sept 2023)
Esther-Mirjam Sent.jpg

Science, Society and Policy - Advice from the Policy Perspective

Prof. Esther-Mirjam Sent
Dutch Labor Party

Coming Soon (Nov 2023)
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