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Harness the Wisdom of Decision Science

DecisionWise delivers the expertise of decision science to you with tips and tools to help you understand, visualise and track your choices. 


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Key Features

Decision Tips

  • Access to a library of expert-curated science-backed decision tips 

  • Pop-up notifications delivered every day

Decision Tools

  • Utilise two powerful, fully customizable decision-making frameworks

  • Sync with your calendar to stay ahead of all your decision deadlines

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Decision Tips

Boost your decision-making skills with a range of expert-curated evidence-based decision tips – completely free of charge!​ Improve your daily routine with our pop-up notifications, providing you with one practical decision-making tip every day.

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Decision Tools

Unleash the power of two dynamic, fully customizable decision-making tools at your fingertips! Master the art of choice with our user-friendly Pros and Cons tools, tailored for making binary decisions a breeze. Conquer complex dilemmas with ease using the versatile Decision Matrix tool. Synchronize your inputs with your phone's calendar, ensuring you're always one step ahead of decision deadlines!

Pros & Cons Tool for Binary Choices

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Pros and Cons 1-2.png

Decision Matrix Tool for Complex Dilemmas

Developed by
Decision Science Experts

Sarah Vahed: concept, content
Alan Sanfey: concept
Algo Interactive: software
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