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Newsletter 2023

At the end of each year, we stand still at our initiatives, achievements, and lessons learned in a newsletter. Here is our recap of 2023. Highlights include:

The Decision Wise app and the Split Decision podcast went live, and we are proud to empower people to make better decisions with these two accessible tools.

City of Nijmegen partnership: We organized a decision science inspiration and brainstorming session at the city hall with the municipality. This was an excellent opportunity to get to know the city’s policymakers and explore opportunities to work together.

Ministry of Justice inquiry: This was a super exciting request. It allowed us to “take a peek” at how the behavioural scientists at the ministries work, and we learned a lot about their policy-making process.

Alliander inquiry: We had an opportunity to explore potential joint research projects on the transition to green energy with the electricity network provider Alliander.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects: (1) Social media content moderation (Sarah Vahed and Pietro Ortolani): This study explores factors that drive social media users to report and punish harmful content. (2) Malicious web designs and online trust (Lisa Rosenberger, Alan Sanfey, Hanna Schraffenberger and Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius): This project comprises multiple studies investigating how malicious web designs, those intended to deceive users, impact trust in websites. (3) Blue and green infrastructures to alleviate heat stress (Mandy Peggen, Kevin Raaphorst and Alan Sanfey): This project plans to investigate how decision-making is impacted during a heat wave contrasting environments with little vs high green areas in Dordrecht, Leiden, and Hilversum.

Policy Seminars: Centre member presents one of their recent papers to a policy audience, discussing potential policy implications together. Sascha Fullbrunn and Jana Vyrastekova, thank you for sharing your insights on developing trust in situations of imminent financial losses.

Radboud Center for Decision Science Update 2023
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