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Center for Decision Science to present at Behavioural Insights Day 2021

The Radboud Center for Decision Science is excited to be presenting at this year's Behavioural Insights Day (Dag van het Gedrag 2021), hosted on 18 November 2021 in the The Hague by the Behavioural Insights Network Nederland.

The keynote speakers for the day include one of our Center Investigators, Prof. Esther-Mirjam Sent, as well as Harvard professor and author of "Noise", Cass Sunstein.

During our one hour session (at 15h30), participants will hear about advances from recent experimental findings, and the potential implications and application of cutting-edge research to policy. Specifically, the presentation will include an overview of:

  • Social Motivations - What do we know about fairness and justice in decision-making: decision neuroscience underpinning fairness, and why social motivations are relevant for policy, presented by Professor Alan Sanfey;

  • Inclusive Education - How can we improve the inclusivity of our education: the relevance of experimental economics in achieving educational goals, presented by Dr. Jana Vyrastekova; and

  • Health Behaviour Change (Corona) - Adherence to prevention measures and the use of behavioural science during the COVID-19 pandemic, presented by Professor Marijn de Bruin.

To learn more about the Dag van het Gedrag 2021, and our session, visit:

More information about our speakers below:



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