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Tibor Bosse

Faculty of Social Sciences

Tibor Bosse is Program Leader of the Communication & Media group at Radboud University, Scientific Director of the OnePlanet ICAI Lab For Precision Health, Nutrition & Behaviour, Chair of the VSNU Kennistafel AI and President of the Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence (BNVKI). In his research, he builds bridges between Computer Science and the Social Sciences, in particular between Artificial Intelligence and Communication Science. 

In his research, Tibor Bosse combines insights from these disciplines in order to design, implement and evaluate ‘Social AI’ systems, i.e. intelligent computer systems that have the ability to engage in natural social interactions with human beings. Such systems include, among others, social robots, virtual agents and chatbots. From a technical perspective, Bosse develops new algorithms to endow social AI systems with more human-like behaviour (e.g., using techniques such as emotion recognition and natural language processing). From a social perspective, he studies the psychological effects of interacting with social AI systems on people’s perceptions and behavior. Finally, from an applied perspective, he is interested in the use of social AI systems for various practical purposes, including social skills training and behavior change.

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