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Marieke Dubelaar 

Faculty of Law

Marieke Dubelaar is Associate Professor in Criminal Law & Criminology at Radboud University's Faculty of Law. Before that she worked at the Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology in Leiden.

Marieke provides education in both formal and substantive criminal law. She is responsible for, among other things, lectures for the subject of criminal procedure law. In addition, as a permanent teacher she is involved in the Study Center for the Administration of Justice (SSR), where she teaches judges and public prosecutors in the field of the law of evidence. She also regularly provides education to Dutch and foreign judicial experts who want to learn more about criminal law.

Marieke also conducts research in the field of criminal (procedural) law and publishes on various themes within this area of ​​law. Her research interest is in the process of truth-finding and the way in which the process of proof takes shape in the legal context. Her research is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, because she often seeks connections with insights from other disciplines. C
urrently, she is one of the initiators of the new research program for conflict-solving institutions that focuses on the domain of the judge.

In addition, Marieke has been a deputy judge at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal since June 2015. From 2008 to 2015 she worked as a deputy judge at the District Court of The Hague. She is also part of the editorial board of Expertise en Recht and works as editorial secretary of Tekst & Comments Criminal Law and Tekst & Comments Criminal Procedure. To read more about her work, visit:

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