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Lisa Rosenberger

Research Fellow

Lisa Rosenberger holds a joint position as Research Fellow at the Radboud Center for Decision Science and as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Decision Neuroscience Lab at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. 

Before joining the Radboud Center for Decision Science, Lisa facilitated a learning process between praxis leaders and scientists focused on the digitalization of the German healthcare system. They developed policy advice on a sustainable digital transformation of the healthcare (, as well as briefings on major unintended side-effects (such as the data-driven personalization of wellness applications


In her current position, Lisa will concentrate on the strategic development of the Radboud Center for Decision Science. In addition, as part of her Postdoc at the Decision Neuroscience Lab, she will conduct research that fosters a sustainable digitalization of our healthcare. 

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