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What is the problem?

Good health is essential for building prosperous societies. However, making progress in areas related to health includes understanding the many decisions involved in addressing health and well-being problems. For example, understanding the choices of patients and practitioners in clinical care, exploring how to mitigate unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and investigating the responses of decision-makers (both individual and policy) to global health crises are just some of the important decisions involved in promoting good health and well-being.


What do we do?

Through our interdisciplinary decision science research, we work towards improving decision-making in healthcare, including understanding the choices and behaviours of individuals as it pertains to their health and well-being. We engage with health professionals and policymakers to address and improve decision-making that contributes to good health and well-being for all.

What are our aims?

At the Radboud Center for Decision Science, experts are brought together 1) to investigate decision-making in healthcare and individual well-being choices and 2) to better inform policies and practices that improve decision-making in relation to the health and well-being of populations.

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