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Etiënne Rouwette

Nijmegen School of Managements

Etiënne Rouwette holds a position as Professor at the Methodology Department of the Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University (the Netherlands). He is the chair of the Research and Intervention Methodology group. His research focuses on group decision making and the impact of decision support methods on interaction, cognition and behavior. Etiënne currently supervises Ph.D. researchers involved in modeling health care, energy, security and economics, as well as information exchange in groups and the impact of modeling on cognition. He lectures on empirical methods and stakeholder engagement, facilitated modeling, multiple scenario development, Electronic Meeting Systems and gaming simulation in bachelor, master and post doctorate modules at Radboud University, Sioo and Warwick Business School. Etiënne is Academic Director of the European Master in System Dynamics, member of the board of the EURO OR Behavioural Operational Research working group, program chair for the 2020 ISDC conference and past President of the System Dynamics Society.

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