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What is the problem?

Changes in the environment, including rising sea levels, variation in weather patterns, and extreme weather events affect every country in the world. Climate change poses a very real risk to people and economies, and society is faced with challenging decisions in relation to the changing environment, including both individual choices as well as collective attitudes and behaviour towards sustainability.


What do we do?

Through our interdisciplinary decision science research, we work towards understanding human decision-making in the face of environmental change. We advise on emerging insights and their application with the goal of promoting environmentally sustainable behaviour at both individual and societal levels. We believe that encouraging more environmentally sustainable choices should be at the forefront of any initiative that endeavors to better understand decision-making.


What are our aims?

At the Radboud Center for Decision Science, experts are brought together 1) to investigate human decision-making in relation to environmental challenges and threats and 2) advise how better to promote broader environmentally sustainable behaviour.

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