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What is the problem?

Conflict, insecurity, limited access to justice and weak institutions threaten social and economic growth. Strengthening democracy and conflict resolution/prevention offer means of addressing these threats. However, (online) misinformation, political polarization and distrust of democratic institutions, processes and elected representatives appear to be growing.  


What do we do?

Through our interdisciplinary decision science research, we investigate underlying causes of conflict in democracy including, for example, choices and attitudes that lead to political polarization and decisions in the face of uncertainty and fake news. We also explore aspects of conflict resolution and prevention, including mechanisms and processes of judicial decision-making. Emerging decision science insights are discussed and applied within the context of legal practice and policymaking as a means of working towards just, peaceful and inclusive societies. 

What are our aims?

At the Radboud Center for Decision Science, experts are brought together 1) to investigate causes of conflict in society as well as the decisions involved in resolving/preventing conflict in the pursuit of democracy and 2) to explore how decision science insights can be applied within legal practice and policy to promote peaceful and inclusive societies.

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