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Femke Bekius
Nijmegen School of Management

Femke Bekius is Assistant Professor at the Research and Intervention Methodology group at the Faculty of Management Sciences. She is an interdisciplinary researcher (with a background in mathematics and public administration) and received her PhD from Delft University of Technology. The dissertation focused on understanding and supporting complex decision-making by using game concepts in the Dutch railway sector.

Currently, her research continues in area of complex decision-making and the use of participatory approaches (i.e. involving stakeholders) to understand and support decision-making towards sustainable transformations. The application domains vary, but the main focus are infrastructure and healthcare systems. For instance, in collaboration with the Province of Gelderland we study the transition towards a sustainable mobility system; and in network of healthcare professionals we characterize collaboration patterns to identify levelers for change.

The interdisciplinary nature in the form of bridging between formal theories and methods and applications in real-world situations is what drives her research. Her teaching evolves around the theme of complex and strategic decision-making and intervention methodology. She is an active member of Radboud Young academy (since 2022), and contributes to themes like Recognition & Rewards and cross-faculty interdisciplinary collaboration.

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