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Barbara Fasolo

London School of Economics 

Barbara Fasolo is Associate Professor in Behavioural Science in the Department of Management of the London School of Economics and Political Science. She currently serves as Head of the LSE Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research, and on the Executive Board of the Society of Judgment and Decision Making. She also served in the UK Department of Health Behavioural Insights Expert Advisory Panel and the Local Governance Association (Behavioural Programme).

Barbara is an expert in behavioural decision science change, with a specific interest in digital nudging and choice architecture for improving decision making processes. 'Making big decisions better' is her motto.

Her background is inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural: Economics (BSc, Distinction, Bocconi University, Italy), decision sciences (MSc, Distinction, London School of Economics, UK), and experimental psychology (PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA). She was Visiting Professor at IESE Business School (2012/13, Barcelona), Expert-in-Secondment for the European Medicines Agency (2009-12, London) and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Human Development (2002-04, Berlin).

Barbara’s research has been published in more than 50 outlets, including leading academic journals, (Nature, PNAS and the Annual Review of Psychology), books and invited chapters, and has been covered in media outlets such as The Harvard Business Review. She is a member of the Behavioural Science and Policy Association, the Society of Judgment and Decision Making and the European Association of Decision Making.

Her lab, online and field research studies choices faced by patients, consumers, and professionals in the public (e.g., for the European Medicines Agency, the King’s Fund, and the European Commission) and private sector (e.g. Which?). Barbara consults individuals and organisations keen to study and improve their decision processes, and design ethical choice architecture for better strategic decision making. 

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